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Group of Students — Armenta Learning Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA
A picture of happy students — Armenta Learning Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA
Students — Armenta Learning Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA

Private classes, school and tutoring programs and specialized attention all ages, subjects and levels. We Provide a Flexible Program to Meet Your Child’s Learning, Social, Emotional, and Medical Challenges. We Make it Successful for Every Child!

Armenta Learning Academy was established in 1989 and offers all students an alternative to traditional education with individualized programs and specialized school programs and tutoring services in school or at home. Our curriculum is designed for Pre-K through adult including special needs and gifted students in a one to one or small group setting.
Our mission is to empower and encourage all students at all levels to reach their full learning potential. We believe tailoring our programs to each student's individual learning needs, interests and talents optimizes their chances of thriving both academically and personally.

Our teachers have years of experience and take pride in creating a fun, nurturing and safe learning environment for students. We are devoted to excellent and quality service for nearly 30 years in business!

A Message from Julie M. Armenta M.A.,

Educational and Family Specialist

As an educator, I love this time of year; it is a time to inspire and impact the life of each child. Educators are truly given a very special opportunity, above and beyond the normal rewards of teaching. Children may come into the world facing challenges, sometimes not even known by the children or the parents. By working closely with the child and the parent, teachers are often able to ascertain what the real issue is. I believe all students are special and learn differently. We have an educational plan and program that can assist your child's needs, whether it's schooling for special needs and/or gifted children, or tutoring, study hall, or educational workshops. We can make a difference in your child's life while achieving excellence through education.

Why Choose Armenta Learning Academy?


At Armenta Learning Academy our mission is to empower and encourage children to reach their full potential no matter what their learning needs are. Some children are gifted and need to be challenged to stretch themselves to be the best they can be. Others have learning disabilities and need extra attention and care to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. All students, gifted, disabled or anything in between can benefit from our non-traditional approach to learning. We believe tailoring our Specialized and Individualized School Programs with a 4:1 ratio to each student's individual needs, optimizes their chances of having a pleasant, enriching and successful school career.
The success of every child is our goal here at Armenta Learning Academy and we will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal to the benefit of the students, their families, and ultimately the community.