Frequently Asked Questions For Armenta Learning Academy

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Sometimes students need a little help in one subject or another. Sometimes there are challenges that seem too difficult to resolve. Sometimes a special needs student requires more than special classes or teachers. And sometimes students don't get the help they need and deserve. That's where Julie Armenta, her academy and staff come in.
Q. What is a learning academy?
A. An academy is more than a school, in that it offers all educational programs, schooling, tutoring, workshops, study hall, etc. We take all ages K-adult and offer individualized education tailored to each student's needs, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Q. Why did you get started with the academy?
Q. How long have you been in business?
Q. What do you see as your mission?
Q. What do you screen for?
Q. How many on the staff, regular and part time?
Q. And how many students?
Q. What ages or grade levels?
Q. What special programs do you offer?
Q. Are you open year round?
Q. Do you have after-school tutors?
Q. What outside activities do you offer?
Q. What fees do you charge for your services?
Q. Tell us about the Armenta Pet Academy.
Q. How else do you reach out to the community to get your message across about education?
Q. What is your success rate?
Q. How are you and your program different from others?
Q. What are some of your most rewarding experiences at the academy?
Q. What is your most memorable experience working at the academy?
For information, call Julie Armenta at (949) 367-9473

The Learning Academy is located at 28062 Forbes Road, Suite B, Laguna Niguel, 92677